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Influencer Marketing

Don’t just Engage Influence Them

Achieve massive brand recall and organic sales with our
end-to-end influencer marketing services.

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  • Research & Planning
  • Influencer Outreach
  • Influencer Activation
  • Content Management
  • Report Generation

Our Process

What Are We Going To Do?

At Socialchaat, we build smart influencer marketing campaigns that help you influence your future customers.

Influencer Relations

We identify the ideal pool of influencers that compliment your brand.

Whether it’s traditional journalists, or social media leaders, we understand how the “word” spreads.

Influencer Activation

For any influencer marketing campaign, setting up an incentive
scheme is of paramount importance.

We build a sales-based incentive model, with your ROI in mind.

Campaign Management

At Socialchaat, we set up a dedicated dashboard to manage influencer relationships

and measure the results of each interaction to enable quantified growth.